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Smart, Inclusive, Health Research

knowRX® is offering its Customer Partners an inclusive, expeditious and cost-efficient clinical trial diversity engagement solution


knowRX Health is looking to partner with Pharmaceutical and BIO companies who have problems with diversity engagement for clinical trials. We optimize candidate selection by working through trusted providers to educate and navigate patients for participation. 

Partners we are looking for:

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences enterprises who actively perform clinical trials.

Ideal for:

  • Directors of Clinical Trials (Research)

About Us:

knowRx developed EPCARE® as the digital platform to help achieve Therapeutic Equity℠ for better health outcomes. It uses machine learning to enable the efficient and secure exchange of relevant information between those involved in clinical trials planning, execution, participation as essential parts of developing and transitioning better data into better health care.

To address a persistent impediment to speed and efficiency in drug innovation, knowRX uses EPCARE® to accelerate recruitment and improve retention of American patients in clinical trials. Our technology helps to inform and assist physicians and better integrate them and the patients who trust them into the clinical trials process. 

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About knowRX®

knowRX® Health provides Smart, Inclusive, Health Research applications.

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